2014 Sep 24

Is Jesse Metcalfe leaving Dallas?

Jesse Metcalfe - Dallas Season 3 Poster

Jesse Metcalfe - Dallas Season 3 Poster

After Monday night’s shocking ending, which showed the death of beloved character Christopher Ewing, fans are wondering–is Jesse Metcalfe leaving Dallas for good?

According to an article on Entertainment Weekly’s Inside TV, the decision was made to kill off a character that the audience loved, and by process of elimination that left Christopher.

Jesse issued this statement in regards to his departure:

“In classic Dallas fashion the producers and writers needed a season ending shocker. After three great years, I was ready to move on and pursue other projects. It culminated in the perfect opportunity to surprise fans and deliver that shocking twist. I enjoyed my time on Dallas and am grateful for the opportunity to work with Warner Bros and TNT, and I wish the cast and crew all the very best!”

There is also an interview in which Cynthia Cidre, the show’s executive producer, talks about Christopher’s death. So, sounds like it is all real. Sorry to disappoint you guys! But, this does seem to leave Jesse open for some potentially awesome future projects. Let’s hope we get to see him in something else, soon!

16 Comments on “Is Jesse Metcalfe leaving Dallas?”

  1. Please bring Christopher back! You will be losing a lot of loyal Dallas fans without him on the show. I hope you will reconsider this poor decision to kill him off. Also, too much of that drug cartel stuff!

  2. Ya I just don’t see how this makes any sense. You need him to continue the battle with Josh, it just won’t be the same with him gone, I think it was a bad decision to kill him off, If a main character had to be killed and don’t get me wrong I love Ann and Linda but they would have made more sense, this may hurt in the long run, I just hope you renew for at least another yr

  3. WHAT THE HELL!!! Worst decision they ever made, there was absolutely no need to kill him off……there are at least 3 other characters that should have gone before him. Don’t want to watch it anymore 🙁

  4. Not watching anymore, if Christopher is no more. He makes the show, without him there is no Dallas.

  5. Dallas cannot be canceled and Jesse Metcalfe needs to be there. He is a wonderful actor and does a great job as Christopher Ewing.

  6. Bring Christopher back. He’s central to the family and central to the show. We need good characters to play off the bad ones.

  7. What a shame! As a lifelong Dallas fan, I was thrilled to see Dallas start a new chapter with such a talented new cast. Starting with Jesse and Josh, the sibiling rivalry that was at the very core of Dallas was renewed once again. Jesse did a wonderful job of bringing the character Christopher Ewing to life and had wonderful on screen chemistry with Patrick Duffy. It was truly a believable new era for the Ewing clan. I respect his desire to move on and am grateful for his contribution to the series. In retrospect, I am glad the show will not continue. Only because without the character of Christopher Ewing it would be difficult at best for the show to continue with one of the main plot lines removed. Just my opinion!

  8. Can’t believe TNT killed off Jesse Metcalfe’s character. Nor can I believe TNT cancelled Dallas. Big mistake. A great show. Should be picked up by another network. SO SAD

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