2014 Sep 23

Dallas Season 3 Finale Discussion (Spoiler Alert!)

Dallas on TNT - Season 3 Finale

Dallas on TNT - Season 3 Finale

Discuss last night’s season finale of Dallas here. Leave your comments below!

Talk about a ‘killer’ finale. Too soon?

What did you think of the finale? Do you think Christopher is really gone, or do you think he’ll reappear next season? If you think he’s really gone, what do you think is next for Jesse?

5 Comments on “Dallas Season 3 Finale Discussion (Spoiler Alert!)”

  1. I hope that Jesse returns to the TV show “Dallas”. I hope it was just a hoax, and someone else was in the car!!!! Jesse was a great actor, he really made the show worth watching!!!!

    If he does leave the show, I wish him only the very best!!!!!

  2. I can hardly wait until next season,I cried like a baby no not Christopher he just has to come back the show just won’t be the same, I have been watching Dallas since the very beginning it has always been my favorite show
    on tv with by far the best cast, excited for next season

  3. I think it will appear in the next season. If Jesse disappears from the film, the audience will not have next season! Jesse do show interesting! At least I will not watch the movie, if you do not play Jesse!

  4. I was there for the original and now for the new version because it is all about the grown kids. If Christopher is gone from the show well sorry to say so am I. It will be an empty version of the show if Bobby’s entire family is gone. It has to be brother against brother so to speak and it can not be complete with only Jr’s side and nobody on Bobby’s…Goodbye Dallas it was fun!

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