2010 Feb 28

Hundreds of pictures added

I spent a lot of time adding a few hundred pictures to the gallery. lol. A ton of older photoshoots (thanks to DH-Central.net!) and miscellaneous pictures. Next up will probably be captures from The Other End of the Line. I’ll have those in a few days. Enjoy!

2010 Feb 27

Pictures: Jesse Metcalfe at Get Lucky for Lupus event, + Candids

Added a few candids of Jesse out in West Hollywood. Also, some appearance pictures at the Get Lucky for Lupus event on February 25th.

2010 Feb 26

2008 Insanitarium captures

I just finished the Insanitarium captures and added them to the gallery.

2010 Feb 25

Pictures: Candids & Fairfield Road stills

Just added a few candids of Jesse in Beverly Hills this week and 2 stills from the upcoming Hallmark movie Fairfield Road. I will be doing captures for the movie Insanitarium tonight, so look out for that either late tonight or tomorrow. 🙂 I am slowly getting caught up!