2009 Feb 18

Jesse covers ‘Oceans and Streams’ by The Black Keys (video)

Jesse uploaded a video of him playing a cover of “Oceans and Streams” by The Black Keys today on Myspace…I love it!

Cover of 'Oceans and Streams' by The Black Keys

2009 Feb 18

New Layout

Just added a new layout to the site. I’m also working on a few other things, so keep checking back. 🙂

2008 Dec 09

Happy Birthday Jesse!

Happy Birthday Jesse!
Hope you had a good day today 🙂

2008 Dec 08


Yes, I know I’ve been gone for a while again. haha. I work on another website that keeps me very busy. If anyone is interested in helping out here on the site, please email me. I could definitely use some help. I have tons of pictures to add and lots of updates to catch up on. I’ll work on what I can! Look for the re-opening of the forums as well.