2010 May 18

NBC’s Upfront: Interviews With Next Season’s Stars

This is a VERY short interview for Television Without Pity, taken at the NBC Upfronts. Jesse discusses his new show. Haven’t seen any videos for this. I’ll post it if I find it!

Jesse Metcalfe: Every episode we’re going to be chasing a different bad guy. Sometimes we get ’em, sometimes we don’t, but it’s a lot of action, great writing and great characters, and also a bit of a humor to it as well. It’s basically a gritty, authentic look at the lives of U.S. Marshalls.

I assume your character is a good guy?
Metcalfe: Yes, I play Luke Watson, I’m the new guy, the kind of wet-behind-the-ears new member of the task force. I don’t have a lot of field experience, so I’m not really accepted at first, and have to work a little harder.

Is it safe to say that you’re done with Desperate Housewives for good?
Metcalfe: I think most likely I’m done with the show. You know, it’s a change of networks, a total different turn for me. This is a completely different character than what I played on Desperate Housewives, and a completely different show. This is a gritty, hard-nosed drama, and Desperate Housewives is a primetime soap. This is definitely a new, more mature turn for me, and I’m excited about the opportunity.

Source: Television Without Pity

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