Interview (2005)

On September 30, 2005, I was lucky enough to get to interview Jesse over the phone! I was so nervous to talk to him but he was very friendly and down-to-earth. Here are the interview questions I asked him, along with his answers, of course. The “T” stands for Tanea (me) and of course the “J” is for Jesse. Thank you all for submitting your question suggestions to me. I hope you enjoy the interview! Oh and if you would like to use anything from this interview or post it to your site, please contact me for permission first. Thanks!

T: We know you’re a big music fan, so what kinds of music do you listen to? who’s your favorite band or artist?

J: Well I listen to all kinds of music. I really love music, but i’m mostly into rock. My favorite band of all time
is the Rolling Stones.

T: Your hair looks really short now. Is there a certain reason why you cut it and do you plan to keep it this short — or even shorter?

J: Yeah, you know I just wanted a change so I buzzed my hair. I’ve been getting some good reactions and people seem
to like it so I don’t know…

T: It looks really nice!

J: Do you like it? Do you think it looks good?

T: Yeah, I like it! It’s nice.

J: Alright, cool.

T: Who is your favorite actor/actress and why?

J: I’d say growing up my favorite actors were probably Johnny Depp and Val Kilmer.

T: are they the people who inspire you?

J: They inspired me when I was young, I mean now that my career has taken off a little bit i’m just trying
to be my own person, and not trying to model my career after anyone but follow my own path.

T: So, What made you want to become an actor?

J: Well, originally I was just thrust into acting. I had some interest in acting but I actually wanted to be a
director, I wanted to be a filmmaker. I was going to college for that, for directing, and I took a couple of acting
classes in college and it kind of sparked my interest a little bit and then I ended up going out on an open call
for a soap opera, Passions. I got the part and it changed my life completely.

T: What’s the worst part about being an actor, if there is a worst part?

J: Well, I’d say the worst part is your life is no longer completely your own. You know, people are always watching
you, always scrutinizing you, criticizing you. So you have to be a pretty strong person to be able to deal
with that aspect of it. The upsides far exceed the downsides, there’s a lot of perks to having [an] acting career.

T: You got to a lot of events too. Is that something you just do to get your name and your face out there
or do you just go for fun?

J: Yeah, that’s part of it, but you know they’re a lot of fun too. Every event’s different so you really go to
different events for different reasons, you know? Some events are to sponsor a charity or something like that and
i’ll go to support that charity or support that cause, and then other events are really just for having fun
and having a good time.

T: So about your movie, it’s your first starring role right?

J: Yeah, it’s my first movie. So I mean it feels great to be the lead in my first feature film.

T: So how was it, working with Sophia Bush and Ashanti, and the rest of them?

J: It was awesome. It was really cool. I mean they’re all really great girls, obviously really beautiful and really
talented, and we had a good time. Two and a half months out in Vancouver, Canada.

T: Some people wanted to know if you guys played any pranks on each other or anything like that…

J: I was kind of the butt of a lot of jokes, just because of the part that I was playing– the kind of like, cocky,
sleazy guy. So they kind of busted my chops a lot. One time, they ripped out a picture of me that was in some
magazine and wrote bubbles coming out of my mouth, and me saying different stuff, and like drew on the picture.
So they were always kind of like, messing with me, and it was a good time, it was all in good fun.

T: How did you prepare yourself for the role in that movie?

J: I watched a lot of teen comedies that I really loved, growing up, and I didn’t copy anyone’s performance but I
definately modeled my performance kind of after Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Can’t Buy Me Love, probably
two of my favorite teen movies when I was a kid.

T: Do you ever feel uncomfortable about being called a “sex symbol”?

J: Sometimes…that kind of objectification can wear on you a little bit but it’s part of what I do, and I’m very
comfortable with myself and if people choose to label me as a “sex symbol” then there’s nothing I can really
do about it so…and there’s worse things you can be called so, it’s all good.

T: You are really cute, we all love you.

J: Thank you.

T: What’s next for you after this movie?

J: Right now i’m working on Desperate Housewives again and i’m just reading scripts and looking for hopefully my
next movie project.

T: Were you written out of the script for this season or…are you not allowed to say…?

J: No. I haven’t been written out of the script.

T: Ok, so you think you’ll go back to being on the show?

J: Yeah I think that i’ll come back again this season.

T: Whats the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you, except making a website…or what’s the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?

J: That’s a tough question, i’m asked a lot of crazy questions, from women specifically, like will I marry them, will I come over and…tend tend
to their “garden,” a lot of sexual innuendo. It’s all flattering and pretty funny but I don’t really have any really crazy stories. No one’s stalking me,
not yet anyway.

T: I just have one last question, people just want to know if you’re single right now.

J: Technically, I am single. But I am seeing someone.