Jesse Metcalfe
Full Name: Jesse Eden Metcalfe
Born: December 9, 1978

Born in Monterey, California, and raised in Waterford, Connecticut, Metcalfe was always a fan of the arts. After studying at New York University at the famed Tisch School of the Arts, he went on an open audition, which earned him a role in the hit daytime drama “Passions.” For four years he honed his craft while mesmerizing the daytime audience, breaking more than a few hearts with his 2004 departure from the show.

A SAG Award-winning actor, Metcalfe may be best known for his role as John Rowland, the gardener working for (and playing with) wealthy ex-model Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) in the pop culture phenomenon “Desperate Housewives.” He has since appeared in the television movie “Fairfield Road” and the television show “Chase.” His next television role will be in the 2012 reboot of “Dallas.”

Metcalfe’s move to the big screen happened in 2006 when he starred as the lead title character in “John Tucker Must Die.” He was last seen starring opposite Michael Douglas in “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,” the romantic comedy “The Other End of the Line” and “The Tortured” opposite Erika Christensen.

Metcalfe received the 2005 Young Hollywood Award for “Exciting New Face,” and has been nominated for two Teen Choice Awards, including one for “Choice Actor in a Television Comedy.”

Outside of work, Metcalfe is a huge sports fan with strong loyalty to the New England/New York teams – the Knicks, Patriots and Yankees. He also works out religiously and is a regular on the basketball court.

A music lover, Metcalfe is an accomplished guitarist. He’s also into motorbikes, classic cars and is an avid poker player.

He also plays basketball, and can be seen playing for the Hollywood Knights, a celebrity basketball team that plays to raise money for high schools in Southern California.

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