‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’ 2009 captures + ‘Chase’ still

Just finished updating the gallery with captures from Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. I’ve also added one picture of Jesse in Texas filming the pilot for his upcoming TV show, ‘Chase.’ Sorry this took so long! I’ve got a new layout made and lots more pictures to add though. Keep checking back :)

Jesse Metcalfe featured in ‘About Face’ book by John Russo

Jesse Metcalfe and Jerry O’Connell are just two of the many celebrities that posed for photographer John Russo’s new book, About Face.

The book contains black and white portraits of some of Hollywood’s most recognizable young male stars and was shot with soon-to-be-extinct Type 55 Polariod film to capture the intensity of the subjects.

Check out photos from About Face.

Jesse Metcalfe in About Face by John Russo

Source: Extra

Jesse Metcalfe to film Chase pilot in Dallas, Texas

Seems not so long ago that then-Dallas Mayor Laura Miller and Dallas Film Commission director Janis Burklund were staging a press conference in the Dallas City Hall Flag Room begging the producers of the (ill-fated) big-screen Dallas to “Shoot JR Here.” They brought with them T-shirts and bumper stickers, and despite the gimmicks they were serious and not a little desperate to re-energize local film and TV production, which had grown fallow in the absence of state tax incentives that could lure cameras and crews to Dallas.

Some four years later, Burklund cannot recall Dallas ever having been this loaded with productions. Of course, FOX’s Code 58 is here till at least July, and, as we mentioned two weeks ago, Jerry Bruckheimer is set to shoot an NBC pilot, Chase, in March. So far, only Desperate Housewives’ Jesse Metcalfe has been cast as a U.S. Marshal on the lookout for fugitives in the American Southwest.

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