Jesse Metcalfe New Dallas Promo and Captain America Premiere Pictures

Here is a new promotional picture for Season 1 of ‘Dallas’, from! You’ll find some new appearance and candid pictures in the gallery as well.


Dallas Jesse Metcalfe at Captain America Premiere Jesse Metcalfe Candids Jesse Metcalfe at What Goes Around Comes Around LA Store Opening 2011


  1. Ann says

    Hello Jesse, have missed seeing you since PASSIONS is no longer running. Where can I
    see you acting now? AC

  2. Nadine2 says

    This is not Jessie’s site but web about him. BTW, thank you for returnning! Site looks fantastic!

  3. says

    It’s funny how in this picture they did such a great job deleting his left arm tattoo, but forgot about the one from his forearm…

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