Happy Birthday Jesse!

Happy Birthday Jesse!
Hope you had a good day today :)


  1. khouloud says

    jesseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i adore u really ur the best ever ,,plz come 2 egypt i swear this would be the happiest day of ma life,, i wish u the best luck and a life full of happiness&joy!!! just 1 word!!! may god protect u…luv u:)

  2. hanna says

    hey, i just watched John Tucker must die, i honestly like Pen, but I like you more than Pen in that movie, Its my favorite movie now though its kind of old. 2 years back? lol… love eeetttttt

  3. says

    Jesse Happy Birthday late!
    you are a good actor …
    I wish you a great 2009, I also am of December, I am on 1 December.
    success in everything we planned for the future.
    a fan of yours …. from Buenos Aires, Argentina …
    kisses …

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